dCatch Thailand: January 25,2013

26 Jan



Day 2 of our stay in Bangkok for dCATCH 2013 started with breakfast that had really yummy fried rice.

We had to go to Chulalongkorn University since the hotel didn’t have Wi-Fi and we were in desperate need of it. To go there, we had to ride the train which had this cool coin thingy that you tap on the sensors to go in.




We also had to walk a bit from the train station to go to the University.



When we arrived at the University I was amazed! They had an entire FACULTY dedicated to Communication Arts! I also helps that their campus was amazing! I wanted to take advantage of their high end equipment for TV Prod!





When we got inside this really cool conference room, were told that we were the first ones to use it, how cool is that?! It makes working on finishing our videos more fun!



We also went to their university mall for some dinner, and I got my first Pad Thai experience!




What I wore: peplum top and floral skirt, Cotton On, flats by Yosi Samra, and bag by Rabeanco.

dCatch Thailand 2013: January 24, 2013

25 Jan







We arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 at around 6pm, waited a couple of hours wherein I had to hide Edmir from Kim’s parents (which was not easy by the way!)

While hiding Edmir from the rents, Kim’s parents treated me to dinner…hooray for Chinese food!

We had to check in at 7pm where JM was late…as always.

I hung out with Jeano and her parents for while til we had to board at 9pm.

We actually arrived in Bangkok 15 minutes earlier than the estimated arrival time.

The airport here in Bangkok is really awesome plus there was Wi-Fi but not all areas which was sad. Plus it was the first time customs didn’t ask me any questions so does this mean that I’m a frequent flyer? LOL

We got to the hotel at around 1 or2 in the morning?

d’Catch Thailand

23 Jan


At 9:30 pm tonight, I will fly to Bangkok. I’m excited and anxious because I have never been apart from my family this long. My US trip with my aunt isn’t counted since I was still with a relative.

What will I be doing in Bangkok you ask? Well I am participating in this year’s d’Catch, which is deCentralized Asian Transnational Challenges, which is a conference of sorts for Mass Communication students from Thailand, Philippines, China and Japan. Since it is the 10th anniversary of d’Catch, more countries will be participating.

We will be bringing to Thailand 5 documentaries produced by Team Philippines with categories such as food, performance, transmission, color, and ceremony all with a transcultural theme.

Mock Ad for Forever 21

14 Jan

*Disclaimer: the images above are for educational purposes only. I am in no way affiliated with Forever 21 or Robinson’s Magnolia.

Last week for an assignment in our Advertising Copy Layout and Writing class, we were tasked to create 2 ads complete with a headline and body copy for a brand named Forever 21.

The requirements were:

Ad #1: is an ad placed in the Philippine Daily Inquirer targeted to females.PDI

Ad #2: is an ad placed in Esquire Magazine targeted to metrosexuals.

I took the extra risk and created the ad as an advertisement of a new branch of Forever 21. We had peer evaluation in class and this are the comments they gave out:

1. The message is clear and the editor exerted effort in conceptualising the ad but remember that your target is yuppies. Craftsmanship is good but tends to confuse some of the message in the background (PDI ad).

I like the message, it is really suited for the target market. I am afraid that this idea was already utilized by other brands (Esquire ad).

2. The PDI ad is simple in terms of message but creates an impact (PDI ad).

I like the straight forward attack of the ad. It really caters the metrosecual who are not willing to be ordinary (Esquire ad).

3. The ad for PDI hits most female reader of the newspaper, the message has a good implication but quite common (PDI ad).

The ad for Esquire creates a bit of confusion since it features both men and women though there is a good message (Esquire ad.)

4. Short and simple, very good but it seems like you’re only advertising one branch (PDI ad).

Catchy but it seems like you’re only advertising one branch (Esquire ad).

5. Both the ads are suitable for the target market. Simple but catchy. Message is effective in catching the attention of both women and metrosexuals.

What do you honestly think of my work?


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